At SL Designs we love the unusual designs and handmade jewellery. Our online shop includes some of our most popular ranges, with a variety of styles from classic silver designs to unique individual pieces of custom jewellery.

Each of our pieces has a story to tell, the origin of the design and the qualities are our top priority. The pieces are lovingly handcrafted in small workshops all over the world.

The designers and manufacturers we work with place great importance in the preparation of our creations. Form and assemble a multitude of components: natural materials such as stones, shell, bone, horn but also metals, resin, ceramic, glass and crystal, the wealth of which makes our jewellery expressive and unique.

Our custom jewellery is made of silver plated metal (guaranteed 3 to 5 microns) or metal doré (gold plated metal). The metal base is brass or tin and guaranteed nickel and lead free in accordance with current regulations.

Our silver jewellery pieces are made of 925 silver and goldfilled.